When your pet has been admitted to our 24hr hospital, you can contact them on 0191 274 7910 and quote your file number, so they can access your record quickly. If your pet is staying longer and you would like to visit, you can call and arrange this at the address below.

When your pet needs the extra care and attention from an overnight stay or longer hospitalisation, we have a team in place to care for them. Every morning a senior vet reviews the cases and phones owners, normally by 10am, with a plan for the day. At night there is Veterinary led team, who will check over the hospital and deal with emergencies. Your pets clinical notes are updated, maintained and the cases handed over so that, regardless of shift changes, their care is continuous.

When your pet is well enough to return home, a review appointment will be made or with more complex cases with on-going multiple medications you may be asked to attend a discharge appointment.

24hr Hospital

Our 24 HOUR CENTRE on the West Road in Newcastle is the largest and best equipped veterinary centre in the city

Modern Facilities including advanced ultrasound scans, digital x-ray, endoscopy, brand new operating theatre, separate orthopaedic theatre, laboratory.

24 Hour Nursing- We are a veterinary nurse training centre with a team of dedicated night nurses.

Excellent Team of experienced vets with expertise in all aspects of medicine and surgery.

True 24 Hour Service based at the West Road. Our vets are able to call on their colleagues for assistance with difficult procedures. All of our facilities are available outside normal working hours.

Easy Accessible. The centre is ½ mile from the A1 on the main road into Newcastle from the West. Journey times out of hours are approximately 15 mins Wallsend, 20 mins Corbridge, 25 mins Sunderland and 30 mins Seaham.

Price List

Emergency out of hours consultation – £ 150.00 – £175.00

Emergency out of hours consultation (Bank Holiday) – £200.00

Call 0191-2747910 to speak directly to the West Road Centre.