Ophthalmology referral

We are now offering an ophthalmic referral service at Westway Vets with our experienced Veterinary Ophthalmologist Sarah Harrison and dedicated ophthalmic nurse Rachel Henderson.  Sarah has been taking ophthalmic referrals in the North East for over ten years and offers a full service, including microsurgical and intraocular surgery.

Consultations include eyelid conformation assessment, tear film analysis, slit-lamp biomicroscopy, tonometry, indirect ophthalmoscopy and macro ocular photography.  An hour is dedicated for each initial consultation to allow time to thoroughly discuss the case and the appropriate treatment options.

Ophthalmic surgery is performed in a dedicated ophthalmic theatre with a Zeiss Visu 200 operating microscope using microsurgical instruments.  A full range of ophthalmic surgeries are available including cataract extraction surgery by phacoemulsification.

Clinics are available Tuesday to Friday and Sarah is happy to be contacted for advice out with these times.  Although most referrals are dogs and cats, Sarah is happy to see any patient with an ‘eye’.  Out of hour emergency care is provided by Westway Vets 24 hour staffed emergency service with facilities to hospitalise overnight if required.

To arrange a referral or to discuss a case please contact the ophthalmology team on ophthalmology@westwayvets.com.

For urgent referrals or advice please call 0191 274 7910.