Healthy Pet Club

The affordable plan to help keep your pet healthy

A healthy, happy pet needs lots of care and attention, including vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, and regular check-ups. By spreading the cost of essential treatments for your dog, cat or rabbit over 12 months, our Healthy Pet Club makes pet care more affordable.

Become a member today and take the first step towards excellent healthcare for your pet

Please note: You must already be registered with us to sign up to this plan online, please contact us to do this


Howdon puppy patient

What's Included:


  • Essential annual vaccination with a full health check
  • Kennel cough vaccination
  • Flea treatments* (sufficient for a year) dispensed quarterly 
  • Worm treatments* (sufficient for a year) dispensed quarterly 
  • 6 monthly health check

You'll also receive the following (if applicable):

  • Free microchipping
  • Free nail clips (at time of health checks)
  • 10% off food (including prescription diets)
  • 10% off any additional parasite treatment (deemed necessary by your vet)
  • 10% off routine neutering**
  • 10% off dental procedures**
  • 10% off wellness screening
  • 10% off medication (applies to medication not already included in the plan)

Vaccinations included:

Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Bordetella


Please note: 

The discount is available to clients for the stated procedures undertaken entirely and exclusively at Westway Veterinary Group and at no other veterinary clinics.

The Club is administered by The Animal Healthcare Company.

Additional start up fees may apply for some pets joining the scheme.

Full terms and conditions are available on request.


*Tailored to your pets needs

**Applies to neutering procedure and dental treatment only.