Post Operation Advice

  1. Your pet may feel sleepy for several hours after a discharge but should be conscious and respond to stimulus.
  2. Your pet will have had its leg clipped to allow an intravenous injection and any tape over the injection site may be removed on the first night.
  3. Unless the Veterinary Surgeon has given specific instructions, your pet can have a light meal on the evening of the operation. Water should be freely available at all times.
  4. If your pet has any sutures (stitches) a nurse will check them in 5 days by appointment, and they may be removed after 10 days by appointment.
  5. Some pets may develop a slight cough as a consequence of being intubated (a small tube passed into the windpipe to administer the anaesthetic gas.)


Special Instructions

  • All routine operations (Speys etc) include a free checkup and suture removal. However, a further charge will be made if additional drugs or procedures are required.
  • If an anaesthetic or sedation is required to allow suture removal a further charge will be made.
  • A charge will be made for all repeat dressing, bandages and splints after the procedure.

Contact Westway Emergency Services on 0191-274-7910 if:

  • Your pet sinks deeper into unconsciousness.
  • Your pet shows persistent vomiting.
  • Your pet develops fits.
  • Your pet removes the sutures.