CT Scanner

In winter 2019, we purchased a Revolution CT scanner for our hospital on the West Road, Fenham. Some of our Registered Veterinary Nurses undertook extensive training in order to operate the scanner, which takes hundreds of small x-ray images in order to create a 3-dimensional image of an animal. This is of great benefit to our patients whose ailments or illnesses are less visible on a 2-dimensional, traditional x-ray image. Using the CT Scanner a variety of conditions are more easily diagnosed; from common conditions such as elbow dysplasia, to more advanced conditions such as portosystemic shunt (PSS) in the liver.

The practice now offers scans every weekday, as the program is led by our Registered Veterinary Nurses, who are also available to scan patients out-of-hours, in case of an emergency. The images are then sent to Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Specialists at VetCT, who can review and report results within 4 hours if needed.

For more information please speak to your Veterinary Surgeon.