Surgical Operations

We have surgical facilities at our West Road, Corbridge, Consett, Darlington and Eden Hill surgeries, if you would usually use one of our other branches we offer a complimentary ambulance service to transport your pet to the hospital from the branch surgery and back again.

At our main hospital on the West Road in Newcastle, we also have state of the art orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical facilities to provide the best level of care possible for your pet.

After admission for surgery, all pets are given a full health check by one of our veterinary surgeons. For more senior pets we advocate a preoperative blood screen to check major organ function prior to anaesthesia. Once given a clean bill of health your pet will receive a ‘premed’ to provide pain relief and help to calm any anxiety.

We use modern, proven, anaesthesia protocols to ensure a smooth and controlled transition to general anaesthesia. After surgery, our patients are allowed to recover in the comfort of their kennel under the supervision of one of our caring and experienced veterinary nurses and nursing assistants who can attend to all of the patient’s needs.

For routine day procedures, pets are generally discharged between 2pm and 6:30pm. Sometimes it is necessary to hospitalise patients overnight, in these cases your pet will be cared for on one of our inpatient wards which are staffed 24 hours of the day.