Neutering male and female dogs

At Westway Veterinary Group we recommend that the vast majority of pet dogs are neutered. You may hear this described as spaying in females (removal of the ovaries and uterus) and castration in males (removal of the testicles).  In both male and female dogs, neutering decreases the chance of a number of diseases in later life, some of which can be life-limiting. We recommend that you discuss neutering with your vet as soon as you have ownership of a new dog.

We recommend most small-breed dogs are neutered at six months of age, and for female dogs this is before the first season. Alternatively you can choose to have your bitch spayed 3 months after her season, although we recommend that this be carried out after the first season to avoid an increased risk of mammary tumours later in life. Having a litter of puppies does not benefit your bitch’s health in any way.

Owners of larger breed dogs may prefer to postpone neutering until approximately one year of age as these dogs mature a little slower. Again, we recommend that this is planned together with your vet.

There are very few instances where we would not recommend neutering of your dog and we recommend individual cases are discussed with your veterinary surgeon at a pre-neutering check appointment.

Neutering male and female cats

At Westway Veterinary Group we recommend that all cats are neutered. This is particularly important for cats that go outdoors. Uncontrolled breeding increases the stray population and increases the transmission of infectious diseases between cats. Un-neutered cats roam further and are more likely to be in road traffic accidents.

Having a litter of kittens does not benefit your cat’s health at all.

Male and female cats can be neutered from four months of age and we recommend you discuss this with your vet when your cat has their kitten vaccinations.



The Dogs Trust and Cats Protection League run voucher schemes for owners in receipt of some means-tested benefits. Please enquire if you may be eligible.

We recommend that all pets are vaccinated at the time of neutering.